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Latest Court Cases & Case Law

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MoJ civil legal aid reforms “cannot be said to have delivered better overall value for money for the taxpayer” - A National Audit Office (NAO) report finds the Ministry is likely to meet its main objective of reducing spending in the short term, but failed to ‘think through the impact of the changes on the wider system’ (20 Nov 2014) ... more
Law Commission Proposes Simplification of Kidnapping Offences in England & Wales - As part of its wider criminal law project, the Law Commission for England & Wales recommends two new statutory offences of kidnapping and unlawful detention (20 Nov 2014) ... more
Scotland’s Solicitors Reach an All Time High - The number of solicitors in Scotland have reached an all time high according to figures from the Law Society. (17 Nov 2014) ... more
Human Rights Act Gone "Too Far" - According to senior judge Lord Toulson, judges in the UK have allowed their decisions to be influenced too much by the European Court of Human Rights. (17 Nov 2014) ... more
Too Many Prisoners Unnecessarily Sentenced - According to Lord Harris, prison resources are being stretched due to too many prisoners being jailed unnecessarily in the UK. Harris, who is leading a review of prison suicides in the UK, believes that vulnerable prisoners are being left unsupervised as a result of the lack of investment and resources in the prison system. (17 Nov 2014) ... more
Latest Court Cases & Case Law
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