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Latest Court Cases & Case Law

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Law Society of Scotland Presents 2014-15 Annual Plan - On Wednesday 24 September, the Law Society of Scotland presented its 2014-2015 annual plan at a special general meeting held in Glasgow (25 Sep 2014) ... more
Palestinian Asylum Seeker Successfully Challenges Refusal Decision - An asylum seeker from Palestine has successfully challenged the decision by the Secretary of Sate to refuse his asylum claim that is based on the risk to himself of returning to his home in the Gaza Strip (25 Sep 2014) ... more
European Commission Busts Right to be Forgotten Myths - Following the CJEU judgment acknowledging the right to be forgotten, the European Commission has published a ‘myth-busting’ fact sheet, aimed at making sure public debate is based on the facts (24 Sep 2014) ... more
Criminal Legal Aid Consultation in England & Wales Unfair - The High Court in England & Wales has ruled that the consultation process on new controversial criminal legal aid arrangements was unfair (24 Sep 2014) ... more
Counsel Disclaim Success Fee in UKSC Case - Judgment as to costs in UKSC will rectification case ordering insurers pay costs, and barristers disclaim success fees under CFA (18 Sep 2014) ... more
Latest Court Cases & Case Law
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