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Latest Court Cases & Case Law

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Court of Justice Clarifies Scope of Consumer Protection - The European Court of Justice has stated that since the right to accommodation is a fundamental right enshrined in EU law, it must be considered by national courts when the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Directive is being implemented. (11 Sep 2014) ... more
Right to Reveal Secret Family History? - A woman looking to find out about her ancestry and discover her grandmothers identity has been permitted to see court files relating to the adoption of her father. (11 Sep 2014) ... more
Spacecraft Exemption from Insurance Premium Tax - New HMRC measure exempting insurance premiums paid under policies covering risks arising directly from operation of a spacecraft (10 Sep 2014) ... more
Request Form to Use IPO Logo - The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has released a form for requesting use of its logo (10 Sep 2014) ... more
New Digital Strategy from Office of the Public Guardian in England & Wales - The policy sets out how the OPG aims to be ‘digital by default’ by 2015 (10 Sep 2014) ... more
Latest Court Cases & Case Law
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