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Latest Court Cases & Case Law

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New Rules Published on Banks on the Brink - Final rules on how to treat banks and investment firms in financial difficulty have been published by the UK Government following changes to EU law. (26 Jan 2015) ... more
Crackdown on Legal Highs in Prison - The Government will impose tougher penalties on prisoners found guilty of taking legal highs according to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. (26 Jan 2015) ... more
Legal Aid to be Upheld in Domestic Violence Cases - The campaign group Rights of Women, are set to appeal the Government’s decision on legal aid in domestic abuse cases, claiming that it could prevent justice for vulnerable women. (26 Jan 2015) ... more
Snoopers Charter Criticised by UK Internet Firms - Net companies in the UK have criticised the UK’s proposed introduction of the Snoopers Charter which would monitor what people do online. (26 Jan 2015) ... more
1,300 Domestic Abuse Claims Made Under Clare’s Law - A law allowing people to find out if their partner has a history of domestic abuse has been used 1,300 times in just under a year according to figures from the Press Association. (26 Jan 2015) ... more
Latest Court Cases & Case Law
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