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Latest Court Cases & Case Law

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The Vow: Smith Commission representatives meet on more Scots power - The Smith Commission, established to consider more powers for the Scottish Parliament, convened the first meeting of cross-party talks this week (23 Oct 2014) ... more
UK Government Rethinks it’s Relationship With European Convention on Human Rights - UK Government furthers plans to scrap the Human Rights Act as a method of divesting powers back from the Europe (22 Oct 2014) ... more
Clash of the Titans: Social Media Giant Sues World's Largest Law Firm - Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, initiate legal proceedings against DLA Piper, the largest law firm in the world (22 Oct 2014) ... more
Lawyers Urge Lords to Reject Restrictions on Judicial Review - The House of Lords have been urged by various parties to reject proposed restrictions on judicial review. The restrictions will make it harder to challenge government and local authority policy and decisions. (22 Oct 2014) ... more
Top Five Supreme Court Cases - Selected by Lord Neuberger - n an interview to mark five years since the opening of the country's highest court, Lord Neuberger selected, what in his opinion ,were the five most significant cases raising points of law of critical public importance. (22 Oct 2014) ... more
Latest Court Cases & Case Law
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