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Uren v Corporate Leisure (UK) Ltd & Ors [2010] EWHC 46 (QB) (22 January 2010)


Balance To Be Struck Between Risk of Injury And Benefits of Sporting Activities:Field J dismissed the claimant's claim for damages for personal injury and loss sustained in an accident that occurred during a health and fun day at an RAF base, when he dived head first into an inflatable pool as part of a relay game, rendering him tetraplegic. Field J held that the risk of serious injury posed by the pool was very small. In determining whether the pool game was reasonably safe and whether the defendants were in breach of their common law duty of care in failing to neuter the game by prohibiting head first entry, a balance had to be struck between the risk of injury and the benefits of the sporting activity. Such activities were never risk free and as one of the benefits conferred by the pool game was the physical challenges posed to contestants, neither of the defendants were in breach of their respective duties of care in prohibiting the head first entry into the pool.