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Telles v South West Strategic Health Authority [2008] EWHC 292 (QB) (26 February 2008)


The Claimant was diagnosed at birth with pulmonary valve atresia. An infusion was performer to improve the oxygen levels. A further operation was carried out to insert a shunt between the left subclavian artery and the left pulmonary artery thereby passing the closed or near closed pulmonary valve. It was discovered on a subsequent operation to insert a second shunt that the original shunt was too long and had resulted in a kink. This had restricted blood flow. The Claimant suffered from perventricular leukomalacia (damage to the white matter of the brain) caused by lack of oxygen at some point between birth and the second shunt operation. As it was impossible to apportion damages between the damage suffered before and after the first shunt operation, the Claimant was entitled to recover full damages from the hospital.