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Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Ms Carrie Helen Anderson [2010] FAI 45


Having heard evidence and productions led, the Sheriff concluded that Carrie Helen Anderson died on 23 February 2010 on the C410 Huntingtower to Crieff Road at its junction with C460 Gorthy to Auchterader Road, as a result of a road accident.

The Sheriff concluded that the cause of death was (i) cranial injury; (ii) blunt force trauma; and finally (iii) vehicular collision through the deceased being an unrestrained driver, ejected from her vehicle. The Sheriff noted that the evidence led at the injury indicated that had the deceased been strapped into the vehicle, she would not have left the vehicle, and would likely not have sustained her fatal injuries.

The Sheriff thus made a public declaration outlining the importance of securing seat belts in vehicles each time they are used, to prevent fatal injuries in the event of an accident.