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Elizabeth Nolan v. First Glasgow Limited [2008] CSOH 86


Reparation - Proof:- On 12 April 2005 the pursuer was travelling as a passenger on a single decker bus owned and operated by the defenders through the centre of Glasgow. At around 5.30p.m. a bus, also owned and operated by the defenders, collided with the back of the pursuer's stationary bus. As a result of the collision the pursuer was thrown forward causing injury to her neck, shoulder and right arm. An x-ray disclosed no bone break and she was referred for physiotherapy and advised to consult her general medical practitioner. At the time of the accident, the pursuer was employed full time with the Abbey Bank where she had worked since 1987 and had been full time for twelve years. After the accident, the pursuer did not return to work until 18 April 2006. On her return the pursuer started working reduced hours, initially two and then three days per week. This was then increased to four days before reducing it again to three days, the level at which she presently works. In this action liability was admitted by the defenders and the only issue in dispute was the quantification of damages.