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Compensation claims and legal advice for claiming damages sustained in the UK.

Whiten v. St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, QBD, 5/08/11

Swift J awarded the claimant general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity in the sum of £235,000 in respect of personal injuries sustained as a result of the defendant's negligent management of his mother's labour and his subsequent birth. In particular, the claimant had sustained v......

Woolley v Essex CC, CA (Civ Div) 17/5/2006

Assessment of future loss of earnings claim. Where a judge was assessing an award for future loss of earnings in a personal injury claim, and it was clear that an expert who was instructed to give details of wage levels in the claimant's profession had made an inadvertent mistake in his conclusi......

WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature & Anor v World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc [2006] EWHC 184 (Ch) (16 February 2006)

Principles applicable to assessment of damages. The court set out the principles applicable to the assessment of damages under the principle in Wrotham Park Estate Co Ltd v Parkside Homes Ltd (1974) 1 WLR 798. ......

Wylie v Omniasig SA [2012] CSOH 128 - 7th August 2012

The pursuer sought damages for spinal injuries suffered in a car crash in Romania. The defenders, an insurance company incorporated under Romanian law, were insurers of the car in which the pursuer was travelling at the time of the accident. The defenders formally admitted liability for the acciden......

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