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Brighton & Hove Bus & Stage Coach Ltd v (1) Sheridan Brooks (2) Merihan Tadrous (3) Nabil Tadrous [2011], EWHC 2810 (Admin) 20/10/11


Following findings of contempt against two family members of a Claimant in which the Claimant's daughter was 6 months imprisonment suspended for 12 months and 3 months imprisonment for the Claimant's husband suspended for 12 months, the Court ordered the relatives to pay 70% of the Defendant insurer's costs. The case against a third family member failed entirely so she was entitled to her costs of the action. The Defendant's insurer's costs were reduced first to take into account the lack of success against the third family member which reduced the costs by 15%. The Court also took into account that the defendant's insurer's allegation that the entire claim was false was not upheld and that parts of the allegations for contempt based on the witness statements did not succeed to arrive at a 30% reduction, with an interim payment of £10,000 on account ordered by the Court.