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Ann Catherine Hylands v. Glasgow City Council


Personal Injury:- The pursuer was injured at work when a partition fell and struck her on the back. The pursuer's agents intimated a claim against the defenders and, following an additional intimation, the defenders repudiated liability. The pursuer's agent then asked the defenders to reconsider their position and again liability was repudiated. On 10 January 2008 a summons was signeted. The sum concluded for was £10,000. The summons was served on the defenders on 23 January. On 7 March defences and a tender were lodged; the tender was for payment of £2,500 with expenses to date in full satisfaction of the conclusions of the summons. That tender was accepted. On 18 April the defenders enrolled a motion under Rule 42.5 of the Rules of Court for modification of the pursuer's expenses to the summary cause scale in the sheriff court, without certification for counsel.