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Ammah v Kuehne+Nagal Logistics Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 11 (22 January 2009)


Employee had been Provided with Adequate Warning About Danger of Standing on Box:
The Court of Appeal held that the Respondent employer had provided the Appellant employee with adequate instruction and warning about the risk of standing on an upturned box in order to reach an item from a high shelf. The Court said that although some dangers were so obvious that no instruction was required, that could not be said to be so in the present case. Nor had the trial judge been right to allow the Respondent to rely upon a general warning not to use any equipment for anything other than its intended use. However, the clear overall effect of the Respondent's evidence suggested that adequate warning or instruction was given. The Appellant had been provided with an alternative method and alternative equipment with which to carry out the task safely.