Court Cases
A court case or a legal case is a dispute between two parties, which is resolved by a court or an equivalent legal process. Cases are categorised into civil cases or criminal cases, which can be further classified, as per the case law headings, such as employment law, family law or personal injury law cases, to the right of this page. UK cases can be brought in the Scottish Courts, the Courts of England & Wales, or the Courts of Northern Ireland and European Courts hear cases at European level.

The Scottish Courts include the Sheriff Courts, Court of Session, the Supreme Court & the High Court of Justiciary.

Courts of England & Wales include Magistrates' Courts, County Courts, the Crown Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Judicial Committe of the Privy Council and the UK Supreme Court.

The Courts of Northern Ireland include the County Courts, the Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal & the UK Supreme Court.

There are other courts which have UK-wide jurisdiction, such as, for immigration law, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, or, for employment law, there is a unified system of Employment Tribunals across Scotland and England & Wales (excluding Northern Ireland).

At European level there exists the European Court of Justice, which is not to be confused with the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of the Council of Europe.

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Latest Court Cases
Frank Houlgate Investment Company Ltd v Biggart Baillie LLP [2014] CSIH 79 - 25/09/14
Biggart Baillie LLP (vicariously liable for the wrongful acts and omissions of its partner) was liable in damages to the victims of their client's deceit. In essence, the firm acted for their client, John McGregor Cameron (JMC), in security transactions in which JMC pretended to be a wealthy landowner. The firm continued to act for JMC even after he had confessed his fraud to the firm's partner, Mr Mair. In the opinion of Lord Menzies, "a solicitor is expected to have the highest...
Tindall Cobham 1 Limited & Ors v Adda Hotels & Ors [2014] EWCA Civ 1215 - 05/09/14
The First and Second Defendants, Adda Hotels and Puckrup Hall Hotel Ltd, were associated companies within the Hilton Group. Hilton Worldwide Inc. ("HWI") was a parent company within the Group. Adda and Puckrup were the lessees of 10 hotels that were assigned to 9 subsidiary companies. HWI was the guarantor under the original leases. If the assignments were lawful, HWI would be released from its guarantee by virtue of ss.5 and 24(2) of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995...
The Quest [2014] EWHC 2654 (Comm) - 30/07/14
The Claimants shipped a cargo of bagged rice from Thailand to Nigeria on board the Defendant's vessel, The "Quest". On delivery, it was found that cargo was damaged, which the Claimant says was due to the Defendant's breach. Four separate bills of lading had been issued, all of which stated that the law and arbitration clause of the "Charterparty, dated as overleaf" was incorporated. There were three possible charterparties, each of which contained different...
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