Court Cases
A court case or a legal case is a dispute between two parties, which is resolved by a court or an equivalent legal process. Cases are categorised into civil cases or criminal cases, which can be further classified, as per the case law headings, such as employment law, family law or personal injury law cases, to the right of this page. UK cases can be brought in the Scottish Courts, the Courts of England & Wales, or the Courts of Northern Ireland and European Courts hear cases at European level.

The Scottish Courts include the Sheriff Courts, Court of Session, the Supreme Court & the High Court of Justiciary.

Courts of England & Wales include Magistrates' Courts, County Courts, the Crown Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Judicial Committe of the Privy Council and the UK Supreme Court.

The Courts of Northern Ireland include the County Courts, the Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal & the UK Supreme Court.

There are other courts which have UK-wide jurisdiction, such as, for immigration law, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, or, for employment law, there is a unified system of Employment Tribunals across Scotland and England & Wales (excluding Northern Ireland).

At European level there exists the European Court of Justice, which is not to be confused with the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of the Council of Europe.

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Latest Court Cases
Gray v Botwright [2014] EWCA Civ 1201 - 09/07/14
The Court of Appeal revisited the "coincidence of location" fallacy argument previously coined in Whittle v Bennett [2006] EWCA Civ 1538 . Coincidence of location fallacy arises where a defendant acts negligently and, as a result of that negligence, he is in a position where an accident occurs, but the occurrence of that accident is not within the scope of the duty of care which the defendant breached when acting negligently. In other words, a defendant is involved in an accident as a...
Landau v The Big Bus Company Limited & Pawel Zeital [2014] EWCA Civ 1102 - 31/07/14
The Claimant sustained a serious injury to his right leg, which consequently necessitated a below-knee amputation, as a result of a road traffic accident in which his motor scooter became trapped between a tourist bus operated by the First Defendant and a car driven by the Second Defendant on proceeding from a set of traffic lights at a junction in Trafalgar Square, London. His claims in negligence against the two defendants were the subject of a trial of liability in the Queen's Bench...
Elizabeth McLaughlin v. Procurator Fiscal, Paisley [2014] HCJAC 98
Appeal by stated case:- On 21 January 2014 at Paisley Sheriff Court the appellant was convicted after trial on summary complaint of a contravention of section 3(1) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 as amended by section 10 of the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010. On 28 February 2014 the sheriff ordered the appellant to be disqualified from having custody of a dog for a period of one year, to pay a compensation order of £90 to Vivienne Wallace, the female who was bitten by the dog, to pay a...
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